This is my first time to come to Canada.

I came here February, it was so cold, but one thing I liked was there was not much snow then my city in Japan.


After I came here, I was going to language school for a while. School had awesome activities that we could make friends and learn more about Canada.



The most interesting activity was “Maple Syrup Festival” because Canada is famous at maple. I still remember that day, it was snowing and the festival was on April. hahaha


I tried maple taffy, it was made from maple, and they rolled the candy on the snow. It tasted really good!!! It wasn’t so sweet, and the candy was warm that it made our cold body warm too^^ If I you have a chance, you should try this candy.

Also, we ate pancakes at the festival. I think we didn’t eat breakfast, so it tasted very delicious! 20160402_12090020160402_121423




Uncle Tetsu’s  is famous sweets shop. The most famous menu is Cheese cake. A whole of cheese cake is $10. I think it is a reasonable price.


There are other sweets that I tried(*^_^*)


This is “Angle Hat“. From the official website, it says, “Artful hat shaped cheesecake with our original recipe is another signature cake from Uncle Tetsu. Used more than one kind of cheese that gives you rich and deep flavor. Enjoy the creamy and moisture texture with its chilled.” This is more soft then cheese cafe, and it is like a souffle.


This is “Honey Madeleine“. From the official website, “Luscious and moist, this buttery cupcake literally melts in your mouth. Warm up this madeleine with microwave for 15 seconds to get the just-out-of-the-oven fluff.” It still tastes good, but I highly recommend to warm up it, that is more delicious than eating normally. I remember that when I bought this, it was fresh bake.

Japan is famous for sweets. The quality is almost same as Japan sweets. If you are interested in Japanese sweets, I will highly recommend Uncle Tetsu Cheese cake shop!

Website: Uncle Tetsu Japanese Cheesecake




Toronto summer is really cool, there are many festivals and events that always held on weekends. Every Friday, there is a restaurant near my house has been like a night club. It was really noisy that I couldn’t study at my home hahaha.





This is Allan Gardens which is a botanical garden. It opens 10AM to 5PM everyday and it is free. I went here in summer, it was so hot that I was almost melting. I think going Spring or Fall will be good to see flowers.  The gardens are quite different from Japanese style gardens, so I was very interested in this place. If I have a chance to go to other gardens in Toronto. The other Gardens information are on the website as well.

Website: Allan Gardens





Toronto Island is one of my favorite place in Toronto. The island is separated 3 parts that you can enjoy variable landscapes. I have been the first island which was like a small village. When I took the second picture, I felt I was taking sea. As the lake is really big, it doesn’t look like lake; it looks more sea! The island is quite big, so if you have a bike, it will be very helpful when you visit here.

Website: Toronto Island





Habourfront has many restaurants and parks that you can see the lake and Toronto Island. The fist picture, I took CN Tower which is near Habourfront. Next the CN Tower, there is  Rogers Centre. In this center, Toronto Blue Jays plays baseball. Sometimes other baseball team comes to here and play, so you can see major league player.

The second picture is Sugar Beach. When I came here first time was February, it was very cold. Also I went there when it was evening, so nobody was there. I still remember that me and 2 friends who they are from Colombia and Japan went here. The Colombian friend said, “This sand is make from sugar, so you can eat this sand.” Japanese are very honest that people believe almost everything because not believing someone is kind of rude thing. We believed what he said, and we really tried to eat the sand hahaha. (Actually, he was just joking and we didn’t eat it.)

Website: Harbourfront Center / Sugar Beach / CN Tower / Rogers Centre





High Park is the largest public park in Toronto. There is hiking trails, a beautiful lakefront, there are many things that you can enjoy in the park, and it is easy transportation to go to the park from the subway station. The park was very big to see around all things, and I was lost in the park. I take an hour to go home from the park. I’m not bad with direction, but I don’t know why I lost in the park (´‐ω‐)

There is more details about the park in the website!

Website: High Park




Now I’m taking photography class in high school. We go out side and take cool pictures. Once we have been to Graffiti Alley which has many cool graffiti.

Sometimes graffiti changes that it wouldn’t make you boring when you go here anytime.


The last picture is my favorite picture. the emotions is so cute isn’t it? hahaha

  / ̄ ̄ ̄\
 /     \
 /) ≡   ≡ (ヽ
(T (●) o (●) T)      _____
 | o(コ ̄ヒニ)o |  < STUPID |
 |  \_/  |    ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
  ヽ ∵∴∵∴∵ ノ
 _/ ) \/ ( \_
(ミ /|____|\ ミ)
  ̄ | |  | |  ̄
    | 冂 |

Map: Graffiti Alley




A student who are learning English from other country said, “Toronto has nothing, I guess we can go every tourist resorts in a month.”

When I heard this I agreed, but I think we are just not trying to find Toronto’s good things and place. Toronto is very good city to do jogging and exercise. I was very surprised that people wear yoga pants when they go to school or work. In addition, fitness club fee is twice as cheaper as Japan and system is very good for the member.

I think I can find more good places at Toronto or Canada, I should more go outside in weekends. Recently, I’m learning photograph that it is interesting and it became my hobby^^ If I have a chance, I would like to post it!hahaha


Thank you for reading my blog and I hope this blog will be useful to you.


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